Business management

Business management

In this part, the same as in the previous one, must be skillfully balanced on the one hand to introduce the concept of management precisely and clearly, on the other, not to write a manual of internal procedures, which completely bore the recipient of a business plan. The following paragraphs should be treated not as a part of the structure of the business plan, but as elements that section "Management" should contain.

Description of the business

Viewing as the main process will proceed in our company. It is not, however, about the technical details, but with a business process. We show here that we know how to organize the creation of value that we want to sell.

In the case of a manufacturing company may be, for example.

  • Purchase of materials Production Sale

    In the case of trading:

  • Purchase of goods Storage Sale of goods

    In the case of a service company:

  • Order Planning Services Performance

    In short, such a description might look like this:

    Purchasing department will be purchased cheap computers manufactured in China by agents operating there have a representative office in Warsaw. Computers will be sent to the Polish by sea. After dotransportowaniu and paying duties they will be transported to one of three warehouses in Poland, where it will be sent to customers according to incoming orders.

    Customer orders will be received by the sales department, and forwarded to the appropriate distribution center. Centre will send the right item to the customer informing the sales department, which will issue the appropriate invoice and also send it to the customer


    Responsible for controlling payments will finance and accounting department, that handles financial and legal company. To him it will be transferred copy of the sales invoice. Financial accounting department will also receive all invoices from representatives of the agents of Chinese and customs documents, on the basis of which has paid will all customs duties.

    This is of course a simple business and a brief description, but it gives a picture of what is expected of the business plan. In fact, the description must be developed showing all the components and connections between them. Very well suited here, process flow diagrams (ang. Process flow diagrams, transaction flow diagrams), but generally just a good description.


    In this section we will be constructed as our company. Which it will consist of departments and how they are interconnected. As will be organized management of individual departments. Will it be one manager throughout the company, whether they will be managers of individual departments. In this part of the business plan are perfect for all kinds of graphs and organizational charts.


    Having described the structure, we describe the person responsible for a specific part of the business. This part is particularly important for new businesses. Company pre-existing on the market, they have the advantage that the skills of individual managers are visible on a performance basis. For a new project, the only thing we can present to the education and past experience of people who have them with us to realize. The evaluator business plan, attaches usually a lot of attention to this section. It is important that people have the right skills and experience. Here we present both the education and experience of each manager pointing to these characteristics, which are crucial for the project. According to some sources, there should be post CVs managers. We suggest, however, in the situation if necessary, a full curriculum vitae annexed.