How to find business idea?

How to find business idea?

Own business has many advantages and it seems tempting proposition for each of us. Many people would like to have your own business, but it covers a lot of excuses and reasons for which so far do not. One of the excuses is the lack of business idea.

If I asked you if you ever had an idea for a business, it is almost 100% probability that you say YES. Despite this, people hide behind the excuse that they have no idea.

Real is such that ideas and opportunities for business surround each of us every day. Opportunities are everywhere and you just have to learn to see, and then properly explore and exploit. If today you do not notice them, it means that you are mentally focused on your own business and you are blocking beliefs. Many people mistakenly interprets the ideas and opportunities that surround them, because they associate them with things extraordinary, perfect, and such that no one has yet invented. Such things do not happen often.

You can hear to build business around their passion to do what you love. This is not entirely true. The best business ideas are based on the needs, desires and problems of others. Great if we can combine your passion for the business, but the most important thing in their own business are the needs, desires and problems of others.

Ideas very rarely involve ground-breaking project. The business idea should cover unmet needs or fulfilled improperly. The idea for the business should be a solution to the inconvenience, simplification issues. Top businesses that are successful rarely arise with groundbreaking ideas, or ideas. Businessmen who are successful use existing ideas and improve them. Try a better way to meet the needs of the people.

The same should proceed. Forget about the breakthrough ideas and focus on the exceptional performance of an old idea. You do not need an idea for which no one had ever hit, just do better what someone is already doing. The simplest example is a portal facebook. Founder Mark Zuckerberg did not invent anything new. Long before Facebook existed, and yet Mark founded his portal and the success that we all know today. Such examples in the world is produced millions and so well-off businesses.

How to learn to recognize opportunities and to find ideas for a business?

The best option is the attitude of their senses (hearing and sight) to search for keywords that are opening up new opportunities. Many times you can meet with the statement that Poles complain about what we can. Go on holiday to Africa, and after returning complain that it was too hot J It just gripes and words associated with it are opening business opportunities. Set your senses to search the following words:

I do not like, I do not like it, the problem, I have a problem with that, I do not know what to do, how to deal with it, I regret that there is no, it sucks / suck / suck if I have to, I do not want this, frustration, I quite hate ... And many, many others showing problems and dissatisfaction. If you catch yourself, or someone on these words it was discovered business idea. Look for this in ordinary everyday situations, as well as online forums and magazines.

At the end of one more thing. The idea itself is worthless. It is worth nothing if it does not begin to be implemented. If you have a problem with a business idea, I hope this article has told you a lot. If you have your idea, and so far it does not zrealizowales, it's time to go about it.