How to secure and saving not to waste time

Foundations own business

Statistics say that 50% of its own businesses closed after a year of operation. After two years of closed already 80% of companies. Five years live to only 10% of the newly established their own businesses. Sorry, but your own business built on weak foundations is not able to survive the test of time. And no matter whether it's one, two, or five years. The same houses placed on foundations of sand collapsing.

The reasons and causes for this are varied and diverse, you can find sources of information on this subject, but the biggest mistake novice traders is to ignore the needs of others and selfish approach to their business.

When you think about what you would like to have your own business, the first thing that comes to your mind is money and wealth. It is true that the wealthiest people in the world are those that have their own business. It is because of this we associate your own business, and unfortunately many people opened it for this reason. This is a typical selfish and egoistic approach and almost always result in failure. Nobody is interested in what you enjoy doing, just like that, you want to have your own business and want to be rich because ...

Stop chasing the money and think about how you can help others

Never assume your own business, just to earn money. Stop thinking about their own business in the context of their selfish needs and desires, and instead focus on what others need and help them to achieve it.

What do people need?

First of all, they want your business to help them, solve their problems, simplify life and made them feel better. Your own business must meet the needs of other people, and not your own. Consider what your own business make others will want him to leave his money.

What value will bring to their lives?

The more people you help solve a problem, whether it will turn to live better, the more you will be rich. To be able to receive money, you must first give something of themselves. You have to give to others something of value. Maybe you have or had an idea for your own business. Analyze it now at this angle. See if someone solve problems and help others, or just you satisfy their needs. If you do not already have an idea for your own business, read this article.