Own business among young people

Own business among young people

Many people think and dream about their own business. Working-time very often causes discontent and frustration. People get up in the morning, and in my mind the first thought is "I have to go back to work ..." Negativity causes that work will never give us pleasure, and life will be sad and full of discontent. It is also associated with the treatment by the employer and the pay they receive. We feel undervalued, we feel that we can afford more, we often think about their own business, we have business ideas, and yet for many years does not change anything.

In 2013, Amway has published a study on entrepreneurship among young people. The study was attended by people aged 15 - 29 years. Most of the respondents, as many as 81% had a positive attitude towards their own business, but only 57% want to tie their future with their own business. You might be wondering if "only" 57%, or perhaps "until". The good news is that from year to year, more and more young people believe in themselves, their abilities and their own business plans. The reality does not look so colorful. Among those under 25, only 5% of its own business, and among persons 30 years of age - only 11%. What's more, 60% of businesses close after two years of starting operations. He then ends the period of paying lower insurance rates.

Why do so many people is a positive attitude towards your own business, think about it and would like it to be, then so little it establish and maintain successful?

On the subject of excuses I've written in this article. The most common is a lack of time, lack of money and lack of business idea. Excuses are one thing, but they are just superficial. They are a convenient excuse from others and himself. Behind all this lies something else, something more profound. It's fear.

In the study, many people answered that he was afraid of failure. They talked about bankruptcy, crisis and defeat in the general sense of the word. You have to pay attention to the fact that the words are a reflection of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Fear is an emotion, and speaking of the fear of failure, fear of social ostracism and the suffering associated with it. To overcome the fear you have to jump.

It is impossible to achieve success no broblem. How do you look today at the richest person in the world you will see that everyone on his way had many failures and many moments at which most people would have surrendered long ago. This shows that your own business is not for everyone. It is only for persistent and those that are not afraid of failure. Walt Disney was fired from a local newspaper, where he worked early in his career for the lack of creativity and original ideas. Bill Gates founded Microsoft before, led the company to produce a device for measuring the traffic, which did not work properly and completely did not sell. He had to cancel his own business.